Single-Family  Units

An Innovative Option for Your Family

Families who choose to live in single-family units have many luxuries. Most units have a nice backyard to entertain guests, to place a swing set, trampoline, or pool, and provides children with plenty of room to play and grow. Not only will the children have a place to play with their pets, but Mom can finally start on that garden and Dad can finally entertain his friends by grilling their dinner!  Oh, the possibilities of a single-family unit!


Single-family units are usually a long-term option and are a very stable living arrangement for growing families. Also, choosing to live in a single-family unit gives the family the opportunity to buy and own their house.


We at  360° Realty and Development, LLC want to help you find a single-family unit for you and your family, today! We specialize in single-family units and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect place! Please fill out the form on the CONTACT page and we will contact you shortly!


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